Jessica Rex in Twistys - Bottle Drive



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Jessica Rex - Bottle Drive (Thumb 52)
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Jessica Rex - Anal With My Celebrity Crush

Jessica Rex - Tushy

12th March - Jessica is besotted with her celebrity crush and has been lucky enough to get a one to one session with him. Trouble is, she's not the only one. She knows that he has a penchant for a certain kind of activity - luckily, so does she, and she is going to play that to her advantage. After making that fact known to his assistant, she hopes that she has this in the bag. So when he decides who will accompany him, there's no surprise where this is leading. ...Read More
Jessica Rex - Axel Brauns Dirty Talk 2 Scene 4

Jessica Rex - Axel Brauns Dirty Talk 2 Scene 4

19th March - No description available at the moment. Please check back soon.
Laura Bently - Stepmoms Sex Talk Sleepover

Laura Bently - Dyked

4th May - Jessica Rex was beyond excited to have a sleepover with all her friends from school. Everything was going to be perfect, now she just had to ask her stepmom Laura Bentley for permission. Laura reluctantly agreed, and also told Jessica that she would stay out of their way so she would not get embarrassed. A few hours later Laura heard crying from Jessicas room. It turned out the girls that were coming over decided to prank Jessica. They never planned on coming to a sleepover at all. Jessica was so sad. Laura took it upon herself to still give Jessica the best sleepover ever. They talked about boys, girls, and even fooled around with each other. Jessica was growing up quickly and it was up to Laura to help her on her path to becoming a woman. Her methods were quite unorthodox, but unbelievably hot sexy. ...Read More

Jessica Rex - My New Black Stepdaddy 22

Jessica Rex - My New Black Stepdaddy 22

14th November - Turns out Jessica has been having an affair with her new black stepdaddy. Falling in love the young girl wants the big black dick all to herself. She is done sharing it with her mother. So she professes her love to keep it a secret as her mom might be a little upset. And he has a lot to lose. She agrees and he gives her the high hard one. ...Read More
Jessica Rex - Playing the Game 2

Jessica Rex - Playing the Game 2

3rd January - Jessica bumps into a guy at a party that turns out to be a talented photography, as well as handsome. She agrees to meet up for a photoshoot, but really she wants an excuse to get his cock inside her teen pussy. Once she starts stripping and spreading her pussy lips for Xander, he'd be a fool to refuse this tight wet cunt. ...Read More
Jessica Rex - Cum In Me - S2:E6

Jessica Rex - Cum In Me - S2:E6

18th January - Jessica Rex has it bad for her stepdad Dick Chibbles. She corners Dick in the shower and demands to see his hard cock. Jessica's mom walks into the bathroom and nearly catches them in the act, but Jessica ducks into the shower at the last minute. While Dick talks to his wife, Jessica pulls up her shirt and peels off her shorts. Later, Jessica corners her stepdad in the kitchen and hands him a condom. Bending over the counter, Jessica moans with delight as Dick slams into her from behind and pounds her tight pussy into submission. Before she runs off to school, Jessica pours the cum-filled condom into her stepdad's coffee.The next morning, Dick wakes Jessica with soft caresses on her ass as she sleeps. When his hand sneaps to her nipple to rub it into hardness, she's all smiles. Eventually her panties are nothing but a memory and Dick has buried his fingers knuckle deep in her greedy twat. Next thing Jessica knows, her stepdad has her knees up to her shoulders so he can give her the D until he explodes inside her.Later, Dick isn't feeling well. While his wife tries to take care of him, Jessica decides to seduce him. Soon her naughty mouth is wrapped around his hardon as she sucks him to wellness. It's not long before Jessica convinces her stepdad to fuck her as quietly as possible. She gives him a stiffie ride in her landing strip fuck hole until he fills her meaty twat with a big creampie of cum moments before Jessica's mom discovers them in the aftermath. ...Read More