Cecilia Lion in Twistys - Poolside Lioness



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Cecilia Lion - Sick Day Suck and Fuck

Cecilia Lion - Sick Day Suck and Fuck

7th October - Cecelia Lion was mad when she found out her bf was just faking sick to stay home and play video games, but then she realized that she could play some games with his cock! Starting with a sensuous blowjob, she stripped down and took that dick deep! ...Read More
Ariana Aimes - Horny vs Homebody

Ariana Aimes - Hot And Mean

11th March - Ariana Aimes has been looking forward to going out and partying with her best girlfriend all week; she even got dressed to the nines hoping to pick up some cock in the club. But Cecilia Lion is feeling sore and tired and just doesn't really want to go, envisioning a relaxing night in with some TV, snacks and PJ's. Ariana tries to convince Cecilia by offering to give her a massage, hoping that a rubdown will loosen her up for some late-night fun. After all that work Cecilia is still not up to going out and Ariana starts to get bratty, desperate for cock. Cecilia gets frustrated and tames her bratty friend with a good hard fuck, showing her that pussy in hand is worth two cocks in the club. ...Read More
Cecilia Lion - Locker Room Double Dildo

Cecilia Lion - Locker Room Double Dildo

14th November - What started as Cecelia Lion's innocent prank on her roomie Charity Crawford while she was in the shower quickly turned naughty, as the two teen beauties licked, tribbed, and even busted out a strap-on to please each other's tight pink pussies! ...Read More

Cecilia Lion - Cecilia Lion Seduces The Pool Guy

Cecilia Lion - Brown Bunnies

13th April - Cecilia Lion planned to sunbathe by her pool for the day. Once she went out there and saw the pool guy cleaning the pool, her plans changed. After being out there for a few minutes, she started masturbating and eventually she was so horny that she called the pool guy over to help her out. She told him to pull his cock out, she wanted to see it at all cost. Once his cock was out, she went to town on it, she shoved it in her mouth and choked on it. Eventually, she told him that it was time he took care of him. They moved over to the patio, where he shoved his cock in her pussy and gave her the fucking that she deserved. After fucking her in several different positions, the pool guy delivered a giant load all over her face. A satisfied Cecilia instructed the pool guy to promptly get back to work. ...Read More
Cecilia Lion - The Boss' Daughter

Cecilia Lion - The Boss' Daughter

10th May - The boss' daughter is usually off limits, but when ebony cutie Cecilia Lion asks for the Johnson report she gets it! Cecilia slobbers up and down this guy's huge dick before sliding his every inch as deep as she can take it! They went out for lunch and she licks up every drop out of his cock! ...Read More
Cecilia Lion - Maid To Get Dirty

Cecilia Lion - Round and Brown

18th August - Cecilia Lion has been working as a maid for her boss Brick Danger for quite some time. Cecilia has always been attracted to her boss, but she grows frustrated that he doesn't act on her advances. Cecilia, tired of cleaning up after the messy Brick, decides to take matters into her own hands—after all, this maid likes getting dirty! ...Read More